About Us

NPF Group’s Headquarters are in Bosisio Parini (Lecco). We are a private Italian owned group. We are leaders in the production of specifi c ready to use aluminium die casting. We have over 60 years experience, 5 production units in Europe, with more than 55.000 sqm, 35 die casting presses, a production in excess of 8 million pieces across various markets, such as; electric engines, lighting, gear boxes, alternators, electrical generators, hydraulic pumps, home appliances, pneumatics, hydraulics, gate automation, inverters, oil & gas and gardening. Thanks to an in-depth experience with a client that is a European leader in supplying aluminium raised fl ooring systems for cleanrooms, we decided to renew our range of products. We now offer more performing, price competitive, “Made and designed in Italy” products, developed specifically for industries dedicated to microelectronics, semiconductors, nanotechnologies and data centres. The NPF Group has always produced panels with weight loads of 1.800 Kg. Today we have increased our range, with three new types: ALU 23, ALU 20 and ALU 24 and a few other specifi c to the American and Far East markets, that are need to comply with increased performances for ever more demanding applications. Our production process is located on one site and we have installed new production lines, which gives us a short lead time production capacity of 125.000 panels per year, that could cover an area of 45.000 sqm. True to our dynamic and innovative spirit and in line with the market needs, our plant are ISO certifi ed; ISO 9001, ISO 14001 e ISO 18001.