Flooring System

The raised flooring system “Clean & Heavy Duty system” was created in compliance with the strict quality requirements of indoor controlled environments. Specifically, according to UNI EN ISO 14644-1, through to ISO 1. The specifi cations of ALU series panels used by this system, such as load capacity, corrosion resistance, condensable volatile material emission levels, make it a precious tool that can be used also where chemical process are involved and in sterile cleanrooms. The panels are aluminium diecast, with standard sizes of 600 x 600 x 50 (height) and 24″ x 24″ x 1.89″ (height) for the American market. They offer high resistance and high load capacity. The panels are installed on specific modular support structures, with elevation heights that vary from 150 to 2000 mm and beyond. The panels for this structure are available with different fi nishings, both for the upper side and lower one. You can choose a conductive epoxy powder coating for both sides. The upper ALU panels can be coated with any product desired by the client or recommended by the firm; ranging from conductive PVCs to static-dissipative to laminated. The specifications of these aluminium die cast panels are given by the material itself; non magnetic, high load capacity, durable and highly conductive (current). The ALU series panels are specifi cally designed for air conduction in order to guarantee high levels of air purity within the classified area. They are designed to be perforated, holes or grates, in order to modulate airflow according to requirements. The support structure of the raised flooring panels is made of pedestal that can carry an axial weight load in excess of 5.000 Kg. They are designed with a square base, a head, a threaded bar, an adjustment nut, an diecast aluminium compass, and an aluminium spacer tubes. In specifi c cases, in order to strengthen the structure and comply to specific seismic regulations, we can add aluminium stringer and diagonals. The support structure can be fi nished with an epoxy coating that is highly conductive and resistant to chemicals. In order to interrupt the contact between the fl ooring and its structure hence reducing vibrations, the heads are equipped with a conductive PVC absorbing gasket.