Solid Panels

These panels are 600 x 600 mm and 24″ x 24″, and 50 mm thick (which includes the conductive PVC), with a coating of 2 mm thickness, and a maximum deformation of 2 mm, during full load. They are produced by high pressure die casting of an aluminium alloy, thanks to an advanced concept die matrix. The panels are mainly made of solid plates, with inferior stiffner ribs, symmetrically positioned on the panel’s surface. The thickness and height vary in order to guarantee higher resistance and appropriate load distribution. Each panel is finished on site using computerised numerical control (CNC) machine-driven equipment.


Conductive PVC coating is ideal for raised flooring of cleanrooms. This coating is suitable for all applications and it consists of two lines, a conductive and static-dissipative one, that can satisfy all needs. Main functional properties:
  • coating is cut from high density homogeneous blocks;
  • volatile emissions are reduced;
  • maintenance costs are low;
  • it can easily be fi xed and restored to initial conditions many times – there will be no signs of usage. It can be cleaned abrasively;
  • technical specifications stay constant for the entire life cycle;
  • the surface is compact and pore free.
Last but not least, a new electric conductivity system has been created using chips covered with a conductive coating. It offers higher performances and higher durability.